Our internal Niko laboratory conduct quality and compliance testing of our products. In addition to our own internal testing, Niko can provide external accredited testing through collaboration with a range of third-party laboratories.


We laminate our heavy layers to a variety of different materials, including films, foils, non-wovens, jutes, carpets, TPOs and self-adhesives. We pride ourselves on our ability to laminate products, often without adheives. We are always interested in developing new products with different laminates, so please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Packaging Options

Niko is committed to helping to minimise waste. DENSBAK is inherently a low tack material so does not need additional layers of interleaves or plastic bags to prevent materials from sticking together and blocking. That means we can cut out unnecessary packaging costs and reduce waste – thereby helping the environment.

Packing of sheets and rolls

We manufacture products in sheets or rolls. Rolls can be either small (up to 45kg each) or jumbo rolls (up to 850g per roll). Please discuss your specific requirements with our team.


Die cutting

Die cutting offers the customer the opportunity to have more exact cutting tolerances and reduce trim waste at source - saving both packaging and reducing both distribution and environmental costs.

Depending on the size, most wooden pallets can be supplied as 2 or 4-way entry, with the option of being fully boarded and/or heat-treated available upon request. Customers can choose to reuse and/or return pallets to Niko.

Pallets are typically strapped and wrapped with heat sealed films as standard to help to minimise potential damage in transport.