Barium Loaded Vinyl has been manufactured by Niko for over 30 years and is supplied under our trade name DENSBAK VB. Niko Vinyl products are exclusively designed and manufactured by Niko Coatings Ltd at our factory in Bradford, UK. DENSBAK VB products are currently sold and supplied under various trade names in the UK and around the world.

Our industrial-grade DENSBAK F range is used for a variety of soundproofing applications. DENSBAK F uses lower density calcium-based fillers with the same low VOC and fogging content and low odour characteristics as DENSBAK F40. The material can be faced on one or two sides with a variety of substrates to increase mechanical strength and promote adhesion to various substrates.

Niko’s standard DENSBAK F40 automotive heavy layer is the preferred choice for Tier 1 automotive interior trim manufacturers in the UK.

Our automotive heavy layers are designed to accommodate a wide range of processing conditions. Niko automotive heavy mass layers can be combined and supplied with a wide range of substrates (for example, films, barrier layers, non-wovens, TPOs, pressure sensitive adhesives and hotmelts) to form multi-layer composites in hot or cold tool moulding processes.

Minimising fire risk with Low contribution to fire, Low smoke and Low Toxic Gases: SONOSHIELD® is the cutting-edge acoustic mass layer solution that has been developed by Niko to prioritise fire safety and environmental performance.