Enhance your fire safety with SONOSHIELD

Minimising fire risk with Low contribution to fire, Low smoke and Low Toxic Gases:

SONOSHIELD® is the cutting-edge acoustic mass layer solution that has been developed by Niko to prioritise fire safety and environmental performance.

SONOSHIELD® Unmatched Fire Safety Performance for toxicity:

Carbon monoxide and Hydrogen chloride are major toxicants in fires.

Hydrogen chloride (HCL) is toxic gas evolved from burning PVC, and other chlorine containing plastics. Certain polymer-based products generate more carbon monoxide in fires.

SONOSHIELD® doesn’t contain PVC or chlorine and has lower Carbon Monoxide yields and significantly reduced smoke production when ignited and compared to traditional heavy mass layers / MLV products typically containing chlorine and PVC (Mass Loaded Vinyl - MLV) or bitumen.

Choose SONOSHIELD®: The Ultimate Low-Toxicity Heavy Mass Layers.

Fire effluent toxicity is widely recognised as a major cause of deaths and injuries in fires. Surprisingly, fire toxicity is not part of either the Euroclass or ASTM Fire Testing Systems.

SONOSHIELD® – is the ultimate heavy mass layer solution for clean burning and low toxicity. The product completely transforms into Carbon Dioxide and water vapor under optimal conditions. Just like burning a wax candle, its chemistry ensures minimal toxicity in a fire.

SONOSHIELD® is setting new standards for acoustic mass layers which makes it is ideal for use within the building envelope such as roofing systems, around ducts, pipes and as an acoustic membrane in walls, floors and ceilings.


SONOSHIELD: Redefining the Fire Safety Performance of Mass Loaded Flexible Noise Barriers.

Discover the Fire-Safe Advantage of Heavy Mass Layer Acoustic Products.

SONOSHIELD® = Low contribution to fire.

SONOSHIELD® has a low calorific value which ensures minimal fire contribution achieving a mean QPCS of 6.7 (MJ/kg) in accordance with EN ISO 1716.

Safeguard your projects and ensure peace of mind with the unrivalled fire safety benefits of SONOSHIELD®.

SONOSHIELD: EUROCLASS BS EN 13501:2018 Classification.

SONOSHIELD® has been developed and rigorously tested and classified for use as a construction product and building element excluding flooring according to BS EN 13501:2018.

SONOSHIELD® reaction to fire when its face is exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item (SBI).

SONOSHIELD®Single Burning Item Test
BS EN ISO 13823:2020 Classification
Application Method
5kg/m2B-S2-D0Adhered on one side onto a 12mm calcium silicate board using an acrylic adhesive
10kg/m2B-S1-D0Adhered on one side onto a 12mm calcium silicate board using an acrylic adhesive

Experience Low Odour and Low VOC Content for Exceptional Air Comfort and Environmental Responsibility with SONOSHIELD

Step into a world of sustainable construction with SONOSHIELD®.

SONOSHIELD® is the Gold Standard for VOC Compliance.

Regulation or protocolConclusionVersion of regulation or protocol
French VOC RegulationA+Decree of March 2011 (DEVL 1101903D) and Arrêté of April 2011 (DEVL1104875A) modified in February 2012 (DEVL1133129A)
French CMR componentsPassRegulation of April and May 2009 (DEVP0908633A and DEVP0910046A)
Italian CAM EdiliziaPassDecree 11 October 2017 (GU n.259 del 6-11-2017)
ABG/AgBBPassAusschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauproduckten (June 2021)
Belgian RegulationPassRoyal descree of May 2014 (C-2014/24239)
Indoor Air Comfort ®PassIndoor Air comfort 7.0 of May 2020
Indoor Air Comfort GOLD ®PassIndoor Air comfort GOLD 7.0 of May 2020
BREEAM® InternationalExemplary LevelBREEAM International New Construction v6.0 (2021)
BREEAM® NORExemplary LevelBREEAM-NOR New Construction v6.0 (2021)
LEED v4.1 BETA (outside U.S.)PassLEED v4.1 BETA for Building Design and Construction (February 2021)

SONOSHIELD is a game-changing acoustic barrier that sets the bar high when it comes to environmental impact.

SONOSHIELD®: Leading the Way in Sustainability

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Over 50% Recycled Plastics.

SONOSHIELD® is Proudly Produced by Niko who have been Awarded Gold Ecovadis Sustainability Rating

This places Niko among the Top 5% of Businesses that report to Ecovadis.

SONOSHIELD®: Your Customised Solution Awaits. Tailor-Made to Your Specifications, Beyond Standard Products.

SONOSHIELD®: Custom made to Your Specific requirements*.

Niko are the primary manufacturer of SONOSHIELD® so can we go beyond Standard Product Offerings.

Experience Versatility with Sheets and Rolls. Weight Range from 1.6kg/m2 0.3277 lb/ft2 to 15kg/m2 (3lb/ft2). Wide Widths up to 2000mm (78 inches).

Large rolls can be supplied up to 700kgs (1534lbs)

*Subject to Minimum Manufacturing Quantity