Barium Loaded Vinyl has been manufactured by Niko for over 30 years and is supplied under our trade name DENSBAK VB. Niko Vinyl products are exclusively designed and manufactured by Niko Coatings Ltd at our factory in Bradford UK. DENSBAK VB products are currently sold and supplied under various trade names in the UK and around the world.


DENSBAK VB is a highly dense Mass Loaded Vinyl more commonly referred to as MLV and has multiple uses and applications.

There are other terms and descriptions for DENSBAK VB – it can also be described as a Flexible Noise Barrier (FNB),  a Flexible Acoustic Barrier (FAB), a Limp Mass barrier (LMB) or Barium Sulphate Loaded Barrier (BSLB).

DENSBAK VB has two primary components V means it is made from 100% recycled Plasticised Vinyl (or polyvinyl chloride – a homopolymer usually referred to as PVC). B means barium sulphate, which is an inorganic compound from the mineral barite with a high specific gravity. Barium sulphate is inert, non-toxic and lead free.


Key Characteristics

Is DENSBAK VB Flammable?

DENSBAK VB has a recommended static Service Temperature of -50°C up to 100°C and the surface spread of flame is tested to ISO 3795 and FMVSS 302 which means it is Self-Extinguishing. It is however not designed to be fireproof and prolonged exposure at high enough temperatures could cause the material to self-ignite.

How is DENSBAK VB supplied?

Materials can be produced according to individual customer requirements subject to minimum manufacturing quantities.

  • in sheets and roll form
  • in a range of weights from 2.5kg/m2 (½ lb/ft) up to 15kg/m2 (3 lb/ ft)
  • in widths up to 2000mm (78 inches)

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.

Key features & benefits

Free from SVHC

DENSBAK VB products are free from substances of very high concern (SVHC) like lead, halogens and unrefined aromatic oils.

Tear strength

DENSBAK® VB is manufactured by an extrusion process which gives this MLV high mechanical strength making it easy to handle and install. Some manufacturing processes which only use calendaring or casting processes can cause MLV materials to tear more easily.


DENSBAK VB is thin and highly flexible which allows easy installation round corners, pipework, square ducting and steel framework without cracking and tearing. Good lay flat (high memory form) even at cold temperatures (for example, after warehouse storage).

Consistency and stability

High speed mixing process coupled with super cooling means DENSBAK VB products are physically stable and robust. DENSBAK VB can be warehoused in cold storage without risk of cracking and product deterioration. Under normal environmental conditions of use the material does not chemically degrade or change its physical properties over time.

Surface finish

DENSBAK® VB has specifically been designed to provide better slip resistance and help safer installation on floors. It is manufactured with either one side embossed and one side smooth or two sides embossed. The embossed surface increases the surface area to aid adhesion to other laminates.

Clean and oil free surface

Niko extrusion process means DENSBAK VB has no oily or greasy residues (like bitumen based or viscous/sticky products) on the surfaces and therefore does not stain and prevents the product from sticking together during storage and installation in warmer temperatures. It also means DENSBAK VB does not require interleaves so reduces waste disposal costs.

Industries served


DENSBAK MLV can be combined with various substrates used to make retrofit soundproofing kits used in boots and cabin floors which can help to reduce road, exhaust and tyre noise.

Domestic Soundproofing

DENSBAK MLV used for acoustic underlay and soundproofing walls and ceiling panels.

Oil & Gas

DENSBAK Barium Loaded Vinyl MLV used in modular thermal and acoustic insulation systems around pipework and compressors in Shell DEP Class C and ISO 15665 specifications.

Building and Construction

Soundproofing recording studios with MLV. Acoustic MLV roofing membranes for built up systems.

Industrial Soundproofing

DENSBAK MLV for use in acoustic enclosures and HVAC systems.