Our automotive heavy layers are NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) materials. Our heavy layers are used as sound transmission barriers, often with other NVH products, to reduce or control structure-borne and noise-borne noises, vibrations , and harshness in the interior or exterior of vehicles.

The soundproofing effects provided by DENSBAK acoustic insulation are used in the building and construction sector to help to increase comfort and comply with local building regulations. DENSBAK acoustic mass layers can improve sound insulation for building envelopes and are found in built-up roofing systems, external wall cladding systems, as well as internal walls and floor systems. DENSBAK products are used to great effect in the HVAC industry for sound insulation of ductwork and soil pipes.

DENSBAK Barium Loaded Vinyl MLV is used in modular thermal and acoustic insulation systems around pipework and compressors in Shell DEP Class C and ISO 15665 specifications.

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Niko is committed to reducing environmental impact through its Environmental Management System (EMS) which helps us to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and significantly cut our waste management costs.


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